No Sleep Preview – 6/16/23

Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You…

I am really excited to be announcing new music like every month. I finally feel like I’m back in full swing with it, it’s getting to a point where it is driving me a little insane, though. I just wanted to thank God for giving me my ability to be able to do this. No Sleep is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written for a number of reasons. I really like the lyrics, I feel like they’re simple but communicate a complex emotions that I feel. Emotions include my inability to sleep due to anxiety, but at the end of the night I know I can bring it all to God and it will be relieved.

This song was released a year ago, but I decided to revamp it and make a music vid.

Babe, You know that I see

It’s the timing that reminds me

I wanna leave

If I am in a situation where I feel uncomfortable, my first instinct is to leave. These lyrics simplify this emotion. A lot of the song is about anxiety and not wanting to admit something is bad for you, which triggers a circle of self abuse. If you keep running back to a source that makes your blood boil with adrenaline, it can literally form an addiction. I feel like during my life, I have been addicted to pain, drama and heartbreak. At this point, I am exhausted with that and would like to stay away from anything that could trigger this, but this is life and in all honesty it depends on how you approach your challenges.

Captured by Lemareye Jones at the No Sleep shoot <3

This video is in collaboration with Heaven Sent, so defiantly check out their jewelry and apparel.

This video shoot was really fun. It was the most professional shoot I’ve ever had the privilege in organizing. Shout out to my talented team:


Lemareye Jones: Photography/ Lighting

Owen Nelson: Videography/ Post Production

Lauren Rose: Photography

Tian: Photography

HeavenSent: Styling…

Dropcat: Mixing/ Mastering [Doesn’t have social media]

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