Irrelevant – 4/28/23

I am literally so so so excited to finally be back in dropping season. I feel like my entire life revolves around making ad publishing music and content, so when I don’t do anything as an artist for a while, I get nervous. I am thankful that everything is going amazing and I finally have art to share with you.

June 11th

Irrelevant was written a couple of months ago. I sent Dropcat about less than 10 stems from a demo I made and I hired him to produce this for me. I am blown away at his talent, his energy and his production skills make the song. Dropcat has literally been a genius throughout this entire process and has been more than helpful. When he first showed me Irrelevant, I was attended on what he did with a few vocal tracks, a simple drum pattern, and a fake midi guitar. My favorite part of this song sonically is that Dropcat brings back the fake midi guitar at 01:44. There is so much energy throughout the song, I honestly couldn’t be happier.

My friends Lauren and Tian have been helping to manage this project. Tian has helped with filming Irrelevant, photographing me for the debut album artwork, and logistics. Lauren has helped with shows, bookings, photography, and was in the Irrelevant video with me. Without the help from both of these people, the album wouldn’t be what it is. I am excited to release the album artwork, I should be doing that soon.

The most ideal place to film Irrelevant was in empty malls. We went to a mall in the city, then we went to a mall in the suburbs. Each mall had some sort of component that made the video aesthetic and also slightly liminal. One thing I like when I play people this video is that everyone goes “Its so empty”. I edited the video myself, I really didn’t know if I could edit the video, but I tried and I did. I wanted cool transitions so I gave it a shot, I think I did pretty good, I mean I have been editing Sims 3 videos so those take a lot of patience, I might of learned from doing that.

Its so crazy because I’ve always wanted someone that produces EDM to produce my music. If a producer is good at making EDM, then thats a really good sign and Dropcat is exceptional. I am really excited for them to drop their music, I know how they like to vault everything.

The video and song will drop on June 11th. I am reeeaaallly exciteddddd <3.

I wanted to film a video for Irrelevant because it is the most beautiful song I’ve ever made by far, so I wanted to film it at a beautiful place. I’ve taken inspiration from videos such as Scotty Vanity’s Lets Go to the Mall:

I’ve taken inspiration from this video I found online from digging through Instagram archives, I love how out of context everything is and how they say that they go to the mall and they do this every Friday. It really shows you the midwest.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this because I made it 4 u and I love and appreciate y’all for sticking with me through everything, I am really excited to be dropping music again!!! Thank you <3


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