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Woofers – 12/07/23

12 years ago on December 5th, a new addition to my family came along the way. Grace AKA (Woofers/Woofy) was adopted from a small ranch style home in Romulus Michigan. What I remember about the home was that it housed two Chihuahua breeders, an age gap couple, where the younger woman referred to her husband […]

Rave of the Year! – 11/03/23

The spam comments are getting more intelligent. Instead of spamming me with Russian text, random links and obvious sales messages, they started writing to me in the perspective of actual people. The only reason why I know it’s spam is because they attach these odd links to the username. Lots of strange ladies from Florida […]

Midwest Looks – 6/23/23

Proxoxie standing next to a tank.

I really didn’t feel like writing a full blog today because I just drove 3 hours in a truck across Michigan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love 2 brag… time to blog, heres some looks from 2021 to now… I realized I really need to go shopping because I try not to spend money on clothes because college. It […]

Hometown – 4/4/23

When I go back home, I like to drive down this one road. You can chose to take this road to avoid busy streets, it takes you through the woods and theres parks on the sides of the road. The park eventually leads you to a really nice part of the county, sometimes they have […]

My Room – Photo Blog

Growing up, I had two rooms in two separate households. I got to decorate them as I pleased. In one of the households, I painted the walls a dark brown which resembled black. I used to hang up curtains and tapestries on the window to block out the sunlight, then I would turn on all […]

My Woods – Camera Blog

While living in the city, I am able to look back at these pictures and appreciate them even more than I did back then. I am eternally grateful that I grew up where I did. the wildlife has always been a conversation starter. My dad has this garage where the red squirrels like to live. […]

Valentines Day! <3 - 2/14/23

I love Valentines Day because I love love. This is going to get really redundant, but I just wanted to show off the people/dog in my life that have made life so amazing and worth living for. I can’t thank these amazing people/dog enough for everything they’ve done for me, but I can blog about it.