06/13/24 – Car Stuff

I know these blog posts are so random. I have been experiencing a lot of life. I know that there is more to life other than working, working, working. There are other purposes you can define yourself and identify with. For me, my faith is important and I have to grab hold of it and trust God. This is only temporary. I can really focus on my art this way. I have been filling with week with teaching piano lessons for cash, attending conventions, applying for creative jobs, and making content. There’s something about looking through sheet music all day that makes me feel good… it’s being able to read this obscure language and communicate with only a select few creative individuals that I like.

Life slowed down for me, but that doesn’t mean my mind isn’t constantly running and generating ideas. I don’t know what’s next, that’s the scary part. I have a college degree, which is good, but I find it hard to believe that all of the most highest paid jobs are desk jobs. Maybe it’s the city that I am in. I do not have plans to get rich, I just want to live a fulfilling life, whatever that means.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I made a trip to see GRIDLIFE 2024. It was a great experience, maybe the pictures can tell you.

This dude was strait up styling sooo hard, I had to take a picture. If you look closely, you can see the name of his business. He makes websites for people!

Here is me posing with a Hyundai truck.

Here is my boyfriend taking pics of the sunset.

Here is me with a stuffed animal and the sunset.

I thought this was cute, I love cars.

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