About Proxoxie

Proxoxie singing a song and having a moment.

Proxoxie is a blogger, taxidermy collector, fan fiction writer, meme account owner and most importantly… a musician. Proxoxie (pronounced whichever way you want) has been active in underground online communities since her debut single “Benny Can You Feel My Pain” which released in 2021. Proxoxie, who is originally from Detroit, Michigan, began performing in the Detroit SoundCloud scene in 2018 at venues such as the Maidstone Theater and the Shelter under different aliases. Proxoxie debuted in the local Chicago Hyperpop scene in 2021 and has performed alongside artists such as Black Smurf, Slaywitme2k, Zootzie, and Hi-C.

Proxoxie dropped her DIY funded debut album “Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You…” with the help of her mix/mastering engineer Dropcat. The album features Scottish MC Wee Pow, Dazegxd, and Ratrace90210. The debut album is a piece that defines and furthers Proxoxie’s eccentric sound; taking elements from niche genres such as Makina, Hyperpop, and Breakcore. 

Through aesthetic curation and maximalist expressionism, Proxoxie explores duality between beauty and atrocity. Her aesthetic can be defined as nostalgic, dark, and quirky, as her content brings to life her storylines, dream plots, and character ideas. 

Proxoxie’s blogs take a microscope to her personal life, goals and upbringing to in attempt to archive time passing and document her personal and artistic growth. Her biggest goal currently is to create good quality, independent art and to redefine how artists run their businesses and to make her family proud!!

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