Month: April 2023

Irrelevant – 4/28/23

I am literally so so so excited to finally be back in dropping season. I feel like my entire life revolves around making ad publishing music and content, so when I don’t do anything as an artist for a while, I get nervous. I am thankful that everything is going amazing and I finally have […]

British Reality TV – 4/21/23

I have come across a new website and I am obsessed with it. I love rabbit holes, let alone British rabbit holes. This website is devoted entirely to British reality TV, which right now has been a release for me. British reality TV occupies a small space in my head because of the concepts, honestly. […]

Thank you for 100k!!! – 4/14/23

A year ago, my songs had reached about a max of 40k plays on SoundCloud. Today, I look at the plays on Kill Me Slowly and I can’t believe that it’s reached 100k. Honestly, when I first made the song I didn’t really think much of it. That’s the thing, every time I make music […]

Vacation vacation 4/7/23

Lately, I’ve been taking sooo many vacations with my family. We’re going on a family trip this entire week! I feel sooo blessed, I’ve been needing a vacation. I mean, haven’t we all? I took my real estate exam and I passed the state portion, I am going to have to redo the federal portion. […]

Hometown – 4/4/23

When I go back home, I like to drive down this one road. You can chose to take this road to avoid busy streets, it takes you through the woods and theres parks on the sides of the road. The park eventually leads you to a really nice part of the county, sometimes they have […]