Month: December 2022

Friday Blog – 12/30/22

This week has been so busy for me. I meant to blog earlier in the week so I wouldn’t have to do it today, but I just finished up working a seasonal job which is transitioning into another part time job. I’ve adapted this mentality to enter into the workplace each day with a huge, […]

Friday Blog – 12/23/22

Happy Friday! And also, happy holidays! Whatever you celebrate towards the end of the year, I hope you are celebrating it with the people you love. Every year, my family asks me what I want, and I give them a spread sheet of the things I need. Not to support consumerism or anything, I just […]

Friday Blog – 12/16/22

Hey guys! I feel like I keep falling in love with life over and over again. As I sit and eat my boujie fish dinner my loving mother cooked for me, I count my blessings. I am thankful to all of the people who have given me the time of day even if I did […]

Friday Blog – 12/09/22

So, I’m looking at how many Fridays there are left in the year, and I’ve noticed that there are 4 more left, including today. This year went by incredibly fast again, and I feel like a completely different person with the same habits. Now, these habits stick out more than ever to me. The feeling […]

Friday Blog – 12/02/22

This Friday I am teaching a seminar about journaling your goals and setting habits. Naturally, I resorted to journaling an outline of what points I’ll be addressing. Goals and habits are an essential part in my daily routine. Time moves my life along, but my goals are the tool which helps guild me and my […]