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I Am Really Bored – 06/21/24

the Summer of Swag starts now… love to be young, dumb and broke just like Khalid. Just trying to figure out what to do with my life, honestly. I’m the meanwhile, I made this fire song and my boyfriend took these fire pics. the Summer of Swag starts now… love to be young, dumb and […]

Eh – 04/28/24

I have been listening to the book of Ecclesiastes which was written by King Solomon in the Bible. It talks a lot about the pursuit of vanity, what God decides to give you and what you should derive pleasure from. God is a generous God to be completely honest. He wants to give to those […]

New Testimony – 03/22/24

I can tell you what happened today and how I got here. Some of you will not believe me, some of you will question me, but for those who do believe or are curious, people do not hesitate to reach out to me: I was called to reconcile a broken relationship with a family […]

Revelation 19:1 – 03/19/24

I have so much to say. I know I write about God a lot and that may turn my initial following away. I’ve come to accept this because I’d rather be myself than to omit truth from my life. It feels like a majority of my life I have gravitated towards the things that bring […]

List of Samples I’ve Used! – 3/24/23

I’d like to admit something. For the past few weeks, I’ve been really burnt out and have felt overwhelmed. Today, I felt like things have totally changed as everything that has been stagnant is finally transitioning and moving along. I am really blessed to live the life that I live, and I truly do thank […]