Month: May 2023

[New Fav] Noche de Putero – Babyramo$

Featured on the EP “G9” by Babyramo$, there’s this cute outro which moves the project into a more pluggnb/ hyperpop sort of sound. I love everything about this project. EP “G9” begins with “Cuando No Estas”, then goes to the track called “Un Beso” featuring an artist named Rousee. Both songs are reggaeton with clean […]

Sims 3 Irrelevant – 05/05/23

It’s been a week since my announcement of my newest single from my debut album “Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You…” and I honestly couldn’t be happier. There a part of myself that goes missing when I don’t release music in months, It’s my creative drive honestly, because if I don’t fuel it […]