Vacation vacation 4/7/23

Lately, I’ve been taking sooo many vacations with my family. We’re going on a family trip this entire week! I feel sooo blessed, I’ve been needing a vacation. I mean, haven’t we all? I took my real estate exam and I passed the state portion, I am going to have to redo the federal portion. That test was about 4 hours long! It is going to be worth it, I gotta pay off the loans and the rent somehow…

I am finishing up my Bachelor’s degree and have one more semester left! This is why I am celebrating. I have had only a little time to focus on music. The legal processes of doing an official album take so long, but it is going to be worth it when I get that royalty check from multiple performance rights organizations. Recently, I recorded a cover. Let me talk about this cover in a second…

Also, today is pretty important! Happy Passover, Easter, and also Ramadan! It is the holy time of the year, I hope yall are eating well. I just had my stepmother’s grilled lamp. The Old Testimate story of Passover is actually so heavy metal, when Isreal was enslaved by Egypt, God told them to sacrifice a pure lamp and smear the blood on their door so the Angel of Death will pass over their families and avoid killing the newborns of the households. Any way, thats why we eat lamb aparently.

Get Scared – Drown Cover

I recorded this cover last week because I’ve always loooved Get Scared. I based this cover after another cover of the same song. This girl has the most beautiful voice, I wanted to post my version 11 years later. She reminds me of myself when I was 15! I had a similar haircut. It would be so fired if I were to collab with her some day, I love a good vocalist.

So I have been super late on the blogs recently, most likely because I’ve been traveling so much. After all that work, I finally can play! Sometimes I get too into my head about not working hard enough, but last year I exhausted myself without giving myself the oppertunity to rest, and honeslty I lost hair over that. Yes, hair was falling out in clumps in the shower… But this year my mental heath has improved, its definatly a day by day process. Rest is important, at one point I had to physically force myself to sit down and relax. Now a days, I feel like I always could be working more… But after all those years working part time retail jobs, a reoccuring theme has been “work smarter not harder”.

Anyway, I released a blog about the images from my hometown… Feel free to check it out, the link for that is here: Click Here!

As always, I thank y’all endlessly for your support!


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