Month: September 2023

Album Drop :D 9/22/23

I am typing this on a Thursday to send out in an email on a Friday. I realized I haven’t been in the inboxes of all 100 of you for a while, so I figure it’s time to start sending out the Friday blogs again. Thank you for hanging on with me all these months […]

Pre-save the Album!!! 9/18/23

I am so ready for this drop. I wanted to thank you guys for hanging on with me for this long. I am so proud and feel accomplished of what my team and I were able to do.

I apologize for the lack of blogs this month, I’ve been really burnt out tbh. I am back, though… and I am excited to do more stuff for this music project. Every day I work towards this, so I really do appreciate all of you who come on here and read this stuff.