Month: July 2023

Debut Album Update – 07/28/23

Proxoxie as a ballerina with a red curtain backdrop wearing a black and gray stripped scarf.

I am finally done with this album! Now it is time to promote it… I want to make this quick, but I will update you on whats been going on with everything. My team and I took these photos back in March. These are how they turned out There are more photos I’d like to […]

Journaling – 7/14/23

Every once in a while I’ll start to get angsty for change, or I’ll use social media too much to where it consumes most of my mental capacity and alters my ability to think correctly. Both of these things practically forces me to reevaluate my life. Luckily, I am an extreme note taker and I […]

Dreamz – 7/7/23

In this vlog I talk about some of the drams I’ve been having recently… I’ll type them out. Dream 1: Had a dream I was chillin at my dads house until the fire alarm went off. I was confused as to what was burning as there was no fire. I stayed outside with my dad […]

Cabin Trip – 7/3/23

First thing first I want to promote the most recent release I have: I am soooo happy that I am dropping music again. I am really excited for this era of my artistry!! Thank you so much for sticking around lollll, I really do appreciate having an audience to share this art with. I had […]