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I Am Really Bored – 06/21/24

the Summer of Swag starts now… love to be young, dumb and broke just like Khalid. Just trying to figure out what to do with my life, honestly. I’m the meanwhile, I made this fire song and my boyfriend took these fire pics. the Summer of Swag starts now… love to be young, dumb and […]

06/13/24 – Car Stuff

I know these blog posts are so random. I have been experiencing a lot of life. I know that there is more to life other than working, working, working. There are other purposes you can define yourself and identify with. For me, my faith is important and I have to grab hold of it and […]

Gridlife Festival – 02/22/24

Last year, my boyfriend and I got the opportunity to attend Grid Life Music Festival. I am someone who really enjoys the west side of Michigan, and my therapist who I had never met in person happened to live around in the same town as the festival. My boyfriend and I had only been officially […]

Shy People and Artists – 02/19/24

I’ve begun to fall back into love with life. It’s easy to disregard everything that we’ve worked for… everything that God has given to us… we have it so good, really. If you’re going through a struggle, I can surely understand. At the end of the day, the best thing about life is the choice […]

Life Update 01/26/24

Music I am so happy. I feel like before Hotel PROXOXIE, I really lost my passion in everything I was doing. I know God’s always got my back, but I truly was asking so many questions and was constantly in a state of discontent with my art. It is cool when you feel inspired for […]

Happy New Year! – 1/05/23

First thing first, I want to thank Jakey (Str Stdnt) for having me at Rowdy Fest 2023. I performed at Rowdy Fest in 2021, so I am honored to be back. James was the photographer who sent me these really cool pictures. Let’s talk about Rowdy Fest. My friend Jake and I grew up in […]

Holiday Update – 12/27/23

It’s been a while for me to be able to sit down with all my thoughts. I thought that before the new year I should go back home and spend some time with family, but between you and me, it gets harder to come back home every time. I don’t want to give up, though. […]

Rave of the Year! – 11/03/23

The spam comments are getting more intelligent. Instead of spamming me with Russian text, random links and obvious sales messages, they started writing to me in the perspective of actual people. The only reason why I know it’s spam is because they attach these odd links to the username. Lots of strange ladies from Florida […]