Month: February 2023

My Room – Photo Blog

Growing up, I had two rooms in two separate households. I got to decorate them as I pleased. In one of the households, I painted the walls a dark brown which resembled black. I used to hang up curtains and tapestries on the window to block out the sunlight, then I would turn on all […]

Short lil Blog – 02/24/23

The past few weeks, I have rushed through these newsletters. Life’s intensity seemed to be growing week by week, but today I am allowing myself the opportunity to do what I want to do which is write to y’all. Let me just start with this: I made the most amazing breakfast sandwich today… It wasn’t […]

My Woods – Camera Blog

While living in the city, I am able to look back at these pictures and appreciate them even more than I did back then. I am eternally grateful that I grew up where I did. the wildlife has always been a conversation starter. My dad has this garage where the red squirrels like to live. […]

Valentines Day Week! – 2/17/23

There has been so much that happened, I am extremely thankful to God for the people that spent their Valentine’s week with me. I went on so many adventures and had amazing conversations. This was probably the best Valentine’s week I ever had in my life. I enjoy Valentine’s week because I like to emphasize […]

Valentines Day! <3 - 2/14/23

I love Valentines Day because I love love. This is going to get really redundant, but I just wanted to show off the people/dog in my life that have made life so amazing and worth living for. I can’t thank these amazing people/dog enough for everything they’ve done for me, but I can blog about it.

Quick Sand – Camera Blog

January 2021 – Michigan I hope Gwen doesn’t kill me if she sees this. Sometimes, I question why we do the things we do and why I’d want to experience small, detail oriented, chaotic moments like this. I think this is what makes life passionate. This is what makes you truly claim your life to […]