Month: March 2024

You’re Not Here- 03/31/24

The most hurtful thing to say to someone is ‘you’re not here’. Big city, small town is where I’m from where everyone is watching you from the corner of their eye. Now, I enter a part of my life where even more people are watching deliberately and are unapologetic. That’s how the real world has […]

New Testimony – 03/22/24

I can tell you what happened today and how I got here. Some of you will not believe me, some of you will question me, but for those who do believe or are curious, people do not hesitate to reach out to me: I was called to reconcile a broken relationship with a family […]

Revelation 19:1 – 03/19/24

I have so much to say. I know I write about God a lot and that may turn my initial following away. I’ve come to accept this because I’d rather be myself than to omit truth from my life. It feels like a majority of my life I have gravitated towards the things that bring […]

If It Means a Lot to You – 3/09/24

This week, I wanted to create a transparent discussion about mental health. Mental health is important as we all know… it is imperative as humans to monitor the state of your wellbeing and happiness, as we can’t do much good at all if we’re in a bad place. It’s ok to be in a bad […]

Homesick – 03/03/24

God, I have a reoccurring case of home sickness. It’s so funny, because I wanted to leave so badly but now it seems that I can’t help myself but missing home so deeply. I figure, one day when I am back home I am going to want to run again. The cycle only continues, I […]