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I Am Really Bored – 06/21/24

the Summer of Swag starts now… love to be young, dumb and broke just like Khalid. Just trying to figure out what to do with my life, honestly. I’m the meanwhile, I made this fire song and my boyfriend took these fire pics. the Summer of Swag starts now… love to be young, dumb and […]

Life Update 01/26/24

Music I am so happy. I feel like before Hotel PROXOXIE, I really lost my passion in everything I was doing. I know God’s always got my back, but I truly was asking so many questions and was constantly in a state of discontent with my art. It is cool when you feel inspired for […]

Happy New Year! – 1/05/23

First thing first, I want to thank Jakey (Str Stdnt) for having me at Rowdy Fest 2023. I performed at Rowdy Fest in 2021, so I am honored to be back. James was the photographer who sent me these really cool pictures. Let’s talk about Rowdy Fest. My friend Jake and I grew up in […]

One Year of Blogging! – 10/20/23

So we made it an entire year, blogging weekly… sort of. A lot has changed since October 21st 2022 in my music project, the world, in my personal life and my beliefs. I guess that is the definition of growth; Once we overcome challenges, we are able to say that we can tackle more. This […]

Pyromania – 8/23/23

This blog has been delayed for over two weeks. I have been extremely busy between two jobs and traveling. I am enjoying every second of it, though. I miss writing to you guys (and the spam bots), so here is what we all missed. Thank you for reading. What I like about blogging is the […]

Journaling – 7/14/23

Every once in a while I’ll start to get angsty for change, or I’ll use social media too much to where it consumes most of my mental capacity and alters my ability to think correctly. Both of these things practically forces me to reevaluate my life. Luckily, I am an extreme note taker and I […]

No Sleep Preview – 6/16/23

Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You… I am really excited to be announcing new music like every month. I finally feel like I’m back in full swing with it, it’s getting to a point where it is driving me a little insane, though. I just wanted to thank God for giving me my […]