Fight Night 23 – 11/11/23

What I like about my friends and the people I surround myself with is that we all devote a considerable amount to our art. Whether it be time, money, or maybe even sanity, we give our art everything that we have. If you are an artist, you can probably relate to the statement that you think about your art every single day, it’s what drives you. You can become obsessive about your art… and the business around your art.

It is always exciting when you can see the growth of your art in front of your eyes… I felt this way when DJing for Fight Night 23. It really has been over two years in the making, that we are at this point. It really is about Andy Thussy Warhol’s hustle, hard work and dedication. I believe I made a vlog about the Fight Nights earlier in the year. Once again, I say it’s cool when it all comes together.

To set the mood, Andy moved back to Ohio from Chicago. He’d been subletting an apartment here to gain inspiration and cultivate a fan base for these truly unique experiences. We did another one of these Fight Nights back in August of 2022.

For this event, it took place in Sulk Gallery in the South Loop of Chicago. The gallery owner is passionate about her space and she was honestly super cool. The people who attended were really cool, too. I recognized some familiar faces from a few other Fight Nights.

The space filled up with tobacco smoke, the vibe was to smoke spliffs like how Andy does.

This was my super messy set up…

Here is the ref and Andy preparing for the big fight

Here’s them announcing the fight…

Andy after winning back his championship from the fight.

Me DJing Fight Night.

Andy and I after the fight was over and he won…

I sang for the intermission again, it was Mysteries of Love by Julee Cruise… I didn’t know the lyrics so I wrote them on an Aldi receipt.

One of my favorite parts of this fight is when the art student presented Andy with a strange object to beat the painting with…

My friends are really devoted and talented. If you do not understand the premise of Fight Night, there really is no linear way of explaining it… Let’s just say that it is a complex evolution of story lines in the medium of performance art, music and film…

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