Gridlife Festival – 02/22/24

Last year, my boyfriend and I got the opportunity to attend Grid Life Music Festival. I am someone who really enjoys the west side of Michigan, and my therapist who I had never met in person happened to live around in the same town as the festival.

My boyfriend and I had only been officially dating for a month at the time, and we wanted to keep everything private to enjoy our relationship without social media playing any role in it. That’s why I never really got around to blogging about it, because it was a time for us to get closer.

A year later, I decided to go again to the festival so I thought I would share what the festival was all about.

This was the parking lot. We parked in a remote space towards the back to observe the beauty of the field.

I wish I could tell you what type of engine this is… my boyfriend would know more about it. He’s a big car guy, I am a big music girl so the festival really complimented our interests well.

Here is the Gingerman Raceway track the cars would spin around on. We watched these cars on the grass… Next time, I would bring a blanket or a couple of chairs.

Here’s me posing with the cars.

I don’t have too many pictures of the actual festival, but there were a bunch of EDM headliners that played. Last year’s line up included Subtronics which is a big EDM DJ, Boogie T, Sullivan King and Wooli.

This year, it has been announced that Zed’s Dead will be headlining which is pretty exciting considering that they are from Toronto which is close enough to Detroit which is where I’m from.

Anyway, I just wanted to share about this because this festival means a lot to me. I got to meet my therapist for the very first time in person and she showed us this beach where all the locals go…

This year we will go back to the secret beach.

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