Uber Testimony and Thankfulness – 11/17/23

The most beautiful thing happened to me the other day,

I was getting an Uber that my mom ordered for me, and I got in the car. My Uber driver’s car was decked out in all things Christmas, it smelled good, and it was warm and inviting. I said “Merry Christmas” as soon as I got in the car. She was happy and I was happy. The entire conversation was polite. We got to talking about the holidays and I told her about my holiday plans and how I was going back to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my dad, step mom, and family.

She said that it was so good to hear a happy situation about divorced parents where everyone is happy, and I told her that it took a lot of work. I said that it was difficult to blend families. She nodded in agreement, so I asked her if she had a blended family. She opened up to me about her situation and what she had been going through. Moments before she had picked me up, she decided in her head that she had enough. I gave her the space to talk and added a couple of “mhmm” and “yes” to the conversation.

At the end of it, she had said that God told her to tell me to stop hiding, spread your light and be a beacon. She said that I have to say “no” more and that people will see my empathy and take it. She also told me that the thing that I love the most is my gift. I need to use my gift to spread love. She said that whatever I’m studying must be God and if I am going to continue to do music, that I need to worship.

She said that she was a strong woman and that she normally would never break under the presence of a stranger, or trust someone to confide in out of the blue. She was an older woman and I had felt like I had known her for a while even though we were so different.

This was not the first time I got into an Uber and my driver had confessed to me about how they had just been through something horrible. One time a driver said that they were contemplating suicide the same night that they had picked me up, and that they didn’t go through with it. They said that they had been on the chair ready to jump before they picked me up.

Something that stuck with me is that my driver tonight had told me that I probably get drivers all the time who need to talk someone when they pick up a customer for Uber. It resonated with me because it was true, I had been getting a lot of drivers where either one of us just opens up about something terrible, and it seems to end well. She said that it’s no coincidence and that it is all God.

I think I need to seek out a higher power in everything that I do.

I am unsure about what she meant by me needing to stop hiding from something. Perhaps it’s my alter ego online.

God is real, I believe in him, I see his love. I want to be love.

I had to type that immediately after it happened to me on 11/14/23. Currently, I am typing this on a Friday morning. I have been reading back a year into the blogs and it’s crazy to see my spiritual journey progress in these blog posts. I wanted to continue the trend from last year and go over all the things I am thankful for.

I just thought this was pretty to put here, it’s over Chicago.


I am thankful to God for all the the blessings I’ve received this year. I am thankful that he has given me three beautiful families between my mom’s side, dad’s side and step mom’s side. I am thankful to have these experiences as they have shaped me into the person I am today.

My bestie Angel in a car.


Last year this was my number one. Family is irreplaceable; you learn many lessons through challenges and growing with family. Family has always been one of those things that will challenge you to become a greater version of yourself, whatever that journey looks like to you. Sometimes, it can be incredibly one sided and you may find yourself in a feud, but at the end of the day it is your ancestry that will define you and your journey.

My aunt and her dog.


I am grateful that I have the opportunity in this life to experience what it is like to be loved and to love someone. I am incredibly grateful to God in many ways for helping me define what love is and how to spread joy through loving. This year, I found someone to love as a partner and I think that is really cool in itself. I can practice selflessness and focus on their needs for the betterment of our relationship and also who I am as a person. To be able to experience this kind of love is a blessing and I thank God for him everyday.

My friends Ayu and Lauren.


This is a given, it seems that each achievement in my life has been lead by the journey of music. I was given a gift and what God told me to do was to spread his love using the vessel of music. I am more than happy to document my creative journey here on this blog.

Lastly, I am thankful for YOU who is reading this!! Thank you for reading!!

If any readers are Michigan based, this will be my next show! Thank you StrStdnt!!!


    1. thank you, angel. Every day is a challenge of fighting demons and temptation, I’d like to say that I seek those things 100% of the time, but I’d be lying. Thank you for holding me accountable, perfect stranger!

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