Irish Hills – 3/17/23

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been piecing together what is going to be included in my debut album. The whole thing is a lengthy process and I don’t think it will be out until the end of the year, maybe in November. I am so used to putting out music every month, but I feel like I’ve built up a significant discography to be able to tred water in the meantime. The past couple of weeks have been the same grind. I feel like I’ve been getting through the week each week. My routine is consistent enough, I think what really grounds me is being needed somewhere over the weekends at my part time job.

What I’m mostly excited about is taking walks. The weather is in the 50s all week and it’s raining, which is the most perfect time to take a walk. I contemplated this thought I my head over the course of these rainy days. I kept thinking, I’ve always liked when there was a gray blanket of clouds over the city. It makes me feel like I have all the time in the world to get things done, for some reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t see a lot of people out and about when its rainy like this, so mentally I feel like I am ahead of the game when I’m productive on these days.

I have a hard time sitting down and relaxing sometimes when I know there’s things I could be doing. It is better this year than last year. Last year, I had to physically force myself to sit down and relax because my body kept springing up and running to the next activity.

I like to think of this thing my friend Ayu taught me; Rose, bud and thorn. Rose; think of something that is beautiful in your life. Bud; think of something that is new and developing in your life. Thorn; think of something that’s challenging in your life.

Rose; its finally 50 degrees outside so I can go for insanely long walks.

Bud; This new album is in the works!

Thorn; I can’t really think of any honestly… Probs that its already March 17th and time is going by really fast…

Its Saint Patrick’s Day today. In Chicago, its Saint Patrick’s Day all month. People start drinking at 8am in the morning and everyone is walking around in green. It’s funny to think about this out of context. There’s this place in Michigan called Irish Hills, I used to go there a lot as a kid. It’s really beautiful.

We had a family friend that used to play vintage baseball out in Irish Hills. Vintage baseball is when you dress up in a uniform and play baseball without mitts, then go to a potluck after. It was honestly a really fun experience. I was always at these vintage baseball games running around a field in Irish Hills.

I am looking into what this Mystery Hills thing is in Irish Hills. Apparently, it’s an illusions spot in Michigan. I can’t wait to go and have my mind blown.

I really want to go back to Irish Hills sometime. I know my dad has a friend out there. I honestly really miss Michigan right now; a visit has been overdue. Chicago is fun and everything, but I miss my woods and my family and good food.

I have learned a lot about moving to a city. I defiantly miss driving to the grocery store instead of walking to one. It was such a shock moving out to the city for the first time, then having to walk half a mile to a target to cart back some groceries. Chicago is different from New York, everything closes around 10 PM and its relatively spread out comparatively. There really isn’t any other city like New York, everything is crammed into a block and is competing for space.

Back in Michigan, there is this Kroger that had another Kroger across the street from it. At the smaller Kroger, there was this dumpster outside of it. Behind the dumpster, there is a BMX trail by the river. Michigan truly can be a liminal place. Anyway, I’ll keep this short. Next week I might have a vlog for you <3

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