Halloween Time :D – 10/27/23

Halloween time is so much fun, I am so glad that I am able to do spooky party stuff this year. I recently performed at a show at Archie Cafe where they have an actual cafe with the literal best Chili I have tried in a while.

$12 Presale


Proxoxie is a blogger, taxidermy collector, fan fiction writer, radio host and most importantly… meme account owner and musician. Proxxx’s music has been circulating online in Scenecore and Hyperpop algorithms since her first single “Benny Can You Feel My Pain” in 2021. Proxoxie, who is originally from Detroit, Michigan, began performing in the Detroit underground scene since 2018 at venues such as the Maidstone Theater and the Shelter. Proxoxie debuted in the local Chicago Hyperpop scene in 2021 and has performed alongside artists such as Black Smurf, Swagwitme2k, Hi-C, Keyblade808 and Lil Yawh. Proxoxie has collaborated with artists such Nosgov whowas featured on the single “Lonely Broadcast Station”, and Swagwitme2k on the single “mydeathspace”.


Chicago’s own JVNEBVG has placed himself front and center in the underground rap scene. His unique combination of rap, rock, Electronic, and punk has put him in the spotlight here in the windy city. JVNEBVG is an army vet who toured both Iraq and Afghanistan in 2017-2018. After he returned, he was frustrated and upset with what he experienced and found music to be that solitude for his expression. The song that best represents this transformation from veteran to artist is JVNEBVG’s song “WELCOME HOME”, from his EP “KVLT”. JVNEBVG, through his music and lifestyle, represents the re-emergence of feeling like oneself after recovering from trauma. Giving JVNEBVG a listen will transform your world to see the light by amplifying the darkness. To see his journey follow him on both Instagram: @JVNEBVG and Twitter: @JVNEBVG

Julian Forever

Hailing from Chicago, WastedJu is an electrifying force in internet pop-punk music, crafting catchy anthems that delve into themes of internet love, angst, and reckless fun. His hit single “E-Boy” has garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify, captivating listeners with its raw exploration of virtual relationships and the emotions that accompany them. With a signature blend of pop sensibility and punk edge, WastedJu fearlessly embraces the digital age, delivering an unapologetic soundtrack for the internet generation, leaving an indelible mark on the music world and captivating the hearts of millions along the way.

Cid Ikuras 

Introducing Cid Ikarus, the visionary Chicago DJ renowned for curating the wildly popular “Eutopia” raves, where he blends a mesmerizing fusion of techno, drill music, and hyperpop, igniting the underground scene with unparalleled energy. Beyond his magnetic sets, Cid Ikarus is a community builder, fostering inclusivity and unity within his events. With his two husky dogs as faithful companions, he roams the vibrant streets, infusing his performances with the raw spirit of their walks. A beacon of creativity, [DJ Name] continues to inspire and unite, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those immersed in the euphoria of his music.

Here is a picture of me and my mime before I went on 🙂

Here is PinkHexx, a Chicago artist.

Here is the band Fish Head and the Bones. I ended up playing a set with the drummer from this band.

Here is Ginja Jesus performing at his show.

Here’s me, Sabrina and Venus

Here are some supporting artists who were touring with Ginja Jesus.

Here is Saint Kota from Chicago.

Here is me being a wolf

Me performing.

Here is Ayu and Lauren.

I dressed up as Jane the Killer, I need a mask for it next

Here is me and Ayu

Here’s me on the floor

Here’s me, Ayu and Daniela at the Hubbard Inn!

OCTOBER 29TH, 2023 // $12 PRESALE

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