Friday Blog – 12/02/22

This Friday I am teaching a seminar about journaling your goals and setting habits. Naturally, I resorted to journaling an outline of what points I’ll be addressing. Goals and habits are an essential part in my daily routine. Time moves my life along, but my goals are the tool which helps guild me and my habits. I’d like to share my outline in today’s blog 

  • New Years is coming up:
    • Have you thought about your goals?
    • Why is it so hard to stick to some New Year’s resolutions?
  • It’s hard to stick to New Year’s resolutions for me because they’re vague & unrealistic
    • For example: My New Year’s resolution last year was to produce and release three mixtapes by the end of the year… Let’s just say that didn’t happen because it was a vague and unrealistic goal for me 
  • Your personality impacts your actions and motivations
    • These are the driving forces of goals
  • This leads us to more questions:
    • How would one describe their personality?
      • We’ve tried horoscopes
      • We’ve tried BuzzFeed quizzes
      • We’ve tried the 16 personalities quiz
    • Whatever way you use to describe yourself and gain intuition on who you are is good enough.
  • If you don’t know how to describe yourself, here’s a start
    • Example goal: I want to develop a better understanding of myself in 12 months to make myself a better person and know how to set more realistic goals.
  • Structure of this goal:
    • I want to do something
    • In this amount of time
    • Because why
  • At this point in the goal setting process, we don’t know where to start.
    • Start with: Reflection
  • Filter through your memories within selected lengths of time
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  • Yesterday: December 1st, 2022
    • I woke up
    • I looked at my computer for an hour or two
    • I cooked breakfast
    • I drank coffee
    • I left and did life
    • I went home
  • Last Week: The Friday after thanksgiving 2022
    • I woke up
    • I got coffee with a friend from my hometown
    • I went to my Nana’s 80th surprise birthday party!!!
    • I went home and went to sleep
  • Last Month: November 2, 2022
    • I was reading through my journal, trying to find insight about this day and I was just journaling goals and to-do lists. 
    • I wrote a newsletter on this day
    • I wrote a song
  • Last Year: December 2, 2022
    • I can’t find my journal for this date, but it took place on my birthweek
    • I was super busy everyday with something, I remember
  • From reflecting in measured increments of time, you can compare all the reflections to each other and see how you’ve changed.
    • I like to journal, obviously
      • By journals go way back from 2013
    • I like to keep lists
    • I go through my day like a list
    • I like to plan thinks prior to the date
    • I like to work before I eat
    • I like to drink coffee
    • I love my friends & family
    • I love music
    • I love birthdays
  • With more reflections, comes more facts about whatever you’re reflecting on
    • When you journal, you usually write about the things you really care about, or that are you your mind constantly
  • What to look for when you reflect to set a goal
    • What things have changed?
    • What hasn’t worked for you?
    • Why didn’t it work for you?
    • What changed to make it work?
  • Setting the goal
    • The goal must be realistic for you and your personality
    • The goal must have a measured amount of time
    • The goal must have a purpose
  • Different types of goal setting for different types of personalities
    • I am just going to copy paste this from an article
  • Upholders (like me) are intrinsically motivated to achieve their goals—to the point that they may not be flexible enough to adjust them, as needed.
  • Obligers are concerned with other people’s expectations for them. To ensure progress, they need to hold themselves accountable to their goals by involving other people. For example, if they are trying to work out more frequently, getting a workout partner will help them keep their commitment.
  • Questioners are unwilling to accept the status quo. They are highly logical and analytical and struggle with making decisions with imperfect information. To make progress, they need to set deadlines for themselves and learn to settle with “good enough.”
  • Rebels resist internal and external expectations. To make progress against their goals, rebels should focus on the joy of proving themselves or someone else wrong.

Written By Sarah Hoban Back to the Future: Goal Setting by Personality Type

Anyway, hope that was insightful 😛 Everyone is posting their Spotify Wrapped, so I’m going to share with you my SoundCloud playlist because I listen to music on Soundcloud because I’m soooo cool.

 Sexy Bitch (Hardstyle remix) – Stefan Katheer

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Only Girl in the World – Ariana G Music

I got a Feeling That Tonights Gonna be a Good Night (Where Da Cheese At?)– Tony Hawk Pro DJ

SlickTre x Flaw (Prod. Nonayme)

DJ Nemesis – A Cool Goodbye

Let me know what you think of my playlist! I love sharing music, I love when people share music with me.

I was looking through all my journals, I found a motivational note I wrote to myself from a couple of years ago, it made me really happy knowing that I’d be proud of myself after everything I’ve done so far. I also found my old “Dream Journal” I made for goals in middle school. In 6th/7th grade, my goal was to model a world after the town my favorite movie was filled on the Sims 3 Create a World tool… The best part is I was getting reference for the landscape of this town by going onto Google Street View. Here’s a picture I found online of the tool so you can see how cool this shit was:

I got pretty far in creating this town, I was using this super old Lenovo ThinkPad.


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