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While living in the city, I am able to look back at these pictures and appreciate them even more than I did back then. I am eternally grateful that I grew up where I did. the wildlife has always been a conversation starter. My dad has this garage where the red squirrels like to live. The thing is, we fear that they will chew through the electrical so we have to exterminate them. My dad said to me today that they are amazing and beautiful creatures, and its sad that it has come to this. War is horrible.

On a happier note, sometimes the deer will come and visit us. We had planted saplings in our yard this one time. The next day, the deer came and stripped them of their branches. My dad noted that they were sharpening their antlers. This other time, my dad had been relaxing outside on the patio when my step mother took a picture of him. We barely noticed the baby deer sitting right next to him under a chair. I am told to never feed these deer, as they will grow dependent on humans. I was also told to never touch these deer, as they will abandon their youth if they were to pick up the human scent on a fawn.

My dad loves to see the woodpecker when it visits. It makes the strangest sound.

Life where I grew of was what you made it. My friends and I always made it special, no matter how small it seemed. We had a spot in every piece of the woods, where were scattered across a relatively large metropolitan area.
Sometimes we would find objects in the woods that made us question what happened. It really makes you think, there could be a million tiny different events that have happened in one spot over the course of time.
I carved my name into a desk in the woods before I added the extra OX in my name. My friends and I used to sit in the woods on this desk.

The woods behind the house I grew up in. The feeling is present in these pictures. Its the feeling of comfort and joy.

The deer that come to say hi in our backyard.

The moon was full this night.


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