Pre-save the Album!!! 9/18/23

I am so ready for this drop. I wanted to thank you guys for hanging on with me for this long. I am so proud and feel accomplished of what my team and I were able to do.

I apologize for the lack of blogs this month, I’ve been really burnt out tbh. I am back, though… and I am excited to do more stuff for this music project. Every day I work towards this, so I really do appreciate all of you who come on here and read this stuff.

Recently I got the opportunity to go back home to Michigan. It is so cool to see the progress that has happened in the city, It’s crazy to me that Eloise Asylum is now an entertainment center… If you don’t know, there was this abandon asylum that my mom and I used to pass by every single day on our way to work/ school/ running errands/ seeing people. We used to stare at it, unable to take our eyes off the black voids of windows, bleeding with years of grime… Now it has been sort of renovated, sure it would take 2 million to renovate the entire building, that’s why I believe they only did they first couple of floors…

Gwen and I went to the Eloise Haunted House last year, I was really light headed when I went in, either from anticipation, the fog machine or paranormal shit… Lots of demons in there. The whole thing is a gravesite to me, so we argued with whether it was ethical to even have a haunted house in that building.

Sorry that these blogs are out of order… I will finally start sending out emails again on Wednesday when this debut album takes off… I just wanted to blog to check in. I am already working on my next project, too! There will be more info on that in the next couple of months, I am just finishing up recording it. It’s going to be a concept album, let me tell you that.

It’s spooky season, finally…. You know my first job used to be working for Spirit Halloween? I am the type of girl to be in Halloween mode every single day of the year.

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