Debut Album??!?! – 3/3/23

I am excited to tell you about the developments behind my debut album! For the past few weeks, I have been meeting with a team of talented people… Shout out Lauren, Tian, and Zachary 😛 I am working on my first official debut album which is going to be financed by the money I’ve been saving 🙂 #indie 😭😭👆

Anyway, the other day we did a photoshoot for the cover of this album. I have not released the official photos and I do not planning on releasing them until laterrrr, but we have been drawing inspiration from Pinterest for this album. I will share the mood board once the photos drop!

First, we met at the ballet studio. It was crucial for my team to be dressed in Adidas attire. I made sure the vlog our experience throughout the day.

After the first shoot, I got a subway sandwich and so did Lauren. Lauren used to be a Subway hater before joining the team. We went to a different location to shoot, but it ended up being too cold so we decided to get a fish dinner at this Cajun restaurant. It was the best seafood I’ve had in a while… we ordered 12 oysters and Layren trien one for the first time. It was my first time eating crawfish.

I liked the crawfish, it was fun to crack their tails and eat the insides of them. I love seafood. Anyway, I could vlog all night about this but I must get some sleepy… I cant sleep knowing that this album is in the works! It’s very exciting.

I’d like to thank God for making this even possible, God has always had my back. I say that so casually, but its true. I’m thankful that he’s given me this path. I’d also like to thank my family for supporting me and all of my crazy ventures. Once again, thank you to my talented team; Lauren, Tian and Zachary.

Watch this vlog to find out more!!!
Tian wearing his Adidas.
My team at the seafood dinner.

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