If It Means a Lot to You – 3/09/24

This week, I wanted to create a transparent discussion about mental health. Mental health is important as we all know… it is imperative as humans to monitor the state of your wellbeing and happiness, as we can’t do much good at all if we’re in a bad place. It’s ok to be in a bad place, as long as you know you are capable of over coming turbulence. Give yourself the credit and Grace, let God give you strength. Do not deny yourself of all your talents and your abilities.

Sharing my last visit to Detroit.

i am no therapist, I just wanted to share this information with you about my experience. I had a challenging mental health week, it is no cause to be concerned, this is what it means to be human. I want to be venerable to you today.

Speaking for myself, bad mental health is when you can’t control the thoughts. It doesn’t matter what the thoughts are about, sometimes the thoughts are incredibly random, sometimes they are intelligent. The thoughts honestly come from caffeine intake for me. I think that is the beginning of the spiral.

After the thoughts come the actions. The actions for me are impulsive. I just lose all sorts of self-control and proceed with the “fuck it” mentality. It is easier if I really don’t care about something, then I can comfortably say “fuck it”.

How I cope with these thoughts is to experience nature. To take safe walks in the woods with company. My people make me feel safe, I trust them with my heart. I’m thankful for the people God has placed in my life. I make an effort to keep my circle good, with honest and integral people. As much as I want to be alone sometimes, that simply won’t help me personally. 

Knowing your limits and knowing your heart is important. The heart wants what it wants, sometimes God will place things onto our hearts which will conflict our minds. Take it day by day, there’s no need to rush to the red light. God will give clearance to move on as well as patience to wait during a season. Not everything has to be so aggressive and fast. Take your time with yourself, establish what quality means to you. 

I used to read a lot of books last year. I have been trying to make the effort to do the same

Now, I am honestly sick of staring at screens all day. I finished the Britney Spears book just now. I empathize with her situation, it’s was a hard read for me. The literature felt more like an explanation of truth than a book. I felt like I was reading someone’s thoughts. That’s how it feels when I read these blogs, so I get it.

The book contested my anxieties about being a musician. It is all possible through God. God got Britney out of her situation, all she had to do was pray. People can truly be cruel but Britney made it a point to try to forgive and see people’s hurt. I liked it, it was depressing, probably not what I needed but I’ll think about it for a while. 

A music career definitely is work. I want that career, if God wills. I really want to share my art with the world as I do now, I want creating art to be my purpose. I have to be patient and work hard like the rest of the world. Nothing is going to be handed to me, respect must be earned, and talent must be builder snd strengthened. The hustle is on, but there is no rush, only prayer. 

I’m naming this blog after my favorite A Day to Remember song. I used to listen to this song when I’d take my walks in Dearborn Michigan. It recalled turned the mundane suburb into a lively blank slate to be creative. That’s what my community did, we made art in all places. we found ways to make art healing.

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