Proxoxie’s 2022 Playback

There’s 49 songs on here. I’ll make this a simple blog and write about my top 5.

1. Luvlxckdown – Far From You

I can’t believe this was my most played song. The part that brings me back to when I was playing this song the most: “Just forget, it never happened… you say we should say it’s nothing and we cant be nothing more”

2. Prxybb X Proxoxie – Detoxification

Pain itself is love, chain me to a concrete wall 

Don’t go up there all alone

This place has never been so dark before

I feel pressure in my wings

We stitch together pretty things

Remembering delusions

Speak to me in tongues and barbed wire heart strings

I would rather severe limb for limb 

Then cut it off slowly

Would you play a little game with me?

Kiss Kill or Marry 

I could spin around 

Three times around

Like Bloody Mary 

I can never play pretend 

It’s too complicating 

Pain itself is love, chain me to a concrete wall 

Don’t go up there all alone

This place has never been so dark before

3. Sade – No Ordinary Love

I had been playing this song on repeat for two weeks in the beginning of March. I remember going to a conservatory by myself to look at plants. I took the CTA to get there. An older man wearing a blazer and sunglasses stepped into my train and sat in my vacinity. The man was carrying a speaker that was playing “Everybody wants to rule the world”. When the song ended, he sighed and said quietly under his breath “Ain’t that right?” After this song ended, I heard the familiar “No Ordinary Love” by Sade. “I gave you all the love I’ve got I gave you more than I can give.” I always loved how her voice cracks after this verse when she echos “Gave you love…”.

4. Luvlxckdown – Never the Same

I was listening to a lot of luvlxckdown in the beginning of the year. I guess I’m a little obsessed… Hear me out, this artist was one of the first artists whose music has convinced me to solely listen to things on Soundcloud for a year. It was then when I discovered the niches that my music is influenced by the most. This song makes me slow dance by myself. “Turn me into dust, fall in love with me. I know what you want, what you want from me. Turn me into dust let me crumble free, I know what I want, what I want is you.”

5. Lil Peep – Ghost Boy

This was my throw back song for the year, I listened to it on repeat in 2019 as well. The guitar will always be nostalgic to me and remind me of Seattle. “I ain’t gon do it for you Imma do it for me cause it helps me forget”

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