[New Fav] Noche de Putero – Babyramo$

Featured on the EP “G9” by Babyramo$, there’s this cute outro which moves the project into a more pluggnb/ hyperpop sort of sound. I love everything about this project. EP “G9” begins with “Cuando No Estas”, then goes to the track called “Un Beso” featuring an artist named Rousee. Both songs are reggaeton with clean mixes featuring catchy vocals. Babyramo$ is honestly an artist who has a lot of potential both aesthetically and sonically. I love their ability to blend reggaeton with experimental genres, I feel like they do it tastefully. I really like the song Noche de Putero, it begins with this pretty rhodes melody with ambient drones and a reese bass which fills the mix nicely.

Other than the sound design, Babyramo$ really does have a good voice for real. I feel like in order for a song to captivate me, it needs to have a good vocalist on it. I don’t even have to know what they’re saying, I just need the vocals to sound good and that’s what I appreciate the most about this song. Aesthetically, they did a really good job with the look of this EP. The G9 logo looks so good for all the branding.

Babyramo$ is a relatively new artist, I think this was their first video they ever dropped. This might have been off their first ever EP. It’s always so cool seeing artists start out, then getting to watch their growth along the way. Anyway, I hope he keeps it up and keeps making more music similar to “Noche de Putero”. All I have left to say is I hope Babyramo$ keeps building up their portfolio with music, there defiantly needs to be more variety in today’s underground scenes, so I’m excited to see what Babyramo$ will add.

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