05/22/24 – Grrrr Bark

Navigating Work

Ok, so I am in the process of figuring it out. For the past year, I have worked a job… I thank God for this experience every day and I have met some incredible people. This position taught me a lot about the modern workforce and the college system. I am so thankful I went to an art school because in a way, because it allowed myself to experimenting with nonconformity. What does it even mean to have a job? There are so many ways to make money and use your gifts.

The position I was in gave me many insights depending on the projects I was assigned. It was such an honor to receive work when it came my way because it gave me the chance to learn and gain experience to build a corporate portfolio of things I did. Now that I think about it, I could really excel in business if I really wanted to, but I could never stop thinking about making music.

I have some sort of business degree from an “accredited” art school that went on strike, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the portfolio that does. In this next year, I will have to juggle part time jobs while building a skillset for the modern workforce that is constantly evolving and changing. All while being a touring musician. The funny part is, this is America, and I can literally make money being a circus clown. I have learned how to market a product, so in retrospect, I could totally just become a clown for birthday parties and do face paint.

These are just ideas; I have tried so many things and have worn so many hats… I just need to stick to something and grow it. I have no idea what.

Following My Instrument

God gave me the gift of music and teaching. I could become an educator, but I am really enjoying playing gigs and meeting creatives in the music scene. I feel like God has given me the gift of music to communicate his love in areas where love is scarce or is not able to be found…

Back-Up Option

Joining the Airforce, but then would I be able to write music? Who knows. I think what I am going to do is play the game $UICIDEBOY$ did and say if I dont have XYZ with my music by the time I am 25, I am going to join the Air Force. There we go. So my only option is to kill it with music. We’ll see what happens.

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