Dreamz – 7/7/23

In this vlog I talk about some of the drams I’ve been having recently… I’ll type them out.

Dream 1:

Had a dream I was chillin at my dads house until the fire alarm went off. I was confused as to what was burning as there was no fire. I stayed outside with my dad and step mom for a while until they eventually told me why there were so many people at our place now. They were digging up bombs from world war 2 to fuse fuse into a giant nuclear bomb. It was a dangerous operation since those bombs could have detonated at any moment. My bf picked me up and drove me to a parking lot where I cried rlly rlly hard because they were digging up my dads lawn which he worked super hard on for these stupid bombs.

My dad's yard

My dad’s yard

Dream 2:

Had a dream I was staying at this hotel in inkster and then my friends came to hang and so did my bf and his brother. It got too late for me so I went to bed, I think they all either stayed up or went home. The next day, I stumbled across this “haunted house”/ creative space that was actually haunted. It took place in Inkster Michigan as well. I remember I made friends with the girl working there and I kept going back with my friend Tian, a girl from my childhood, Lauren and also Lucas and other dream people. Eventually, the haunted house got actually creepy and I started to hear voices in the basement and my friends slowly started leaving the house and getting too freaked out. The girl working there started getting obsessed and I was trying to get her to quit, but in the end she just drove me and her back to the haunted house and went back inside. I followed her and saw a lawyer there who was investigating. I followed the girl to the basement where you could hear voices… it was some Indian burial mound shit. The lawyer was hesitant to go downstairs, but did then got too freaked out. I begged the girl to leave the house but she considered it her home so I left. I started walking around inkster since I didn’t have a car and ended up in the most cursed part of Inkster, it felt like I was in a trance or something was pulling me there. I was at the ambassador bridge with some people doing acrobatics and I was chilling, trying not to fall in the water, trying not to get consumed by whatever darkness led me there.

Inkster Haunted House that my dream was based on.

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